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Core3dcentres® and SKYN Concept become Global Partners and Authorised SKYN Production Centres

Core3dcentres® and SKYN Concept are pleased to announce that, as of September 2016, Core3dcentres and SKYN Concept have come together to form an exclusive Global Partnership and to offer the First Global Network of SKYN Production Centres.

Core3dcentres has leveraged its existing highly skilled teams on CAD/CAM dental technology and undergone rigorous further training and testing over the past few months by Master Paulo Kano and Livio Yoshinaga, to ensure that all their technicians and milling centres are fully qualified and validated to meet the high aesthetic demands that the SKYN Concept requires.

 Together, Core3dcentres and SKYN Concept offer a perfect fusion of digital dentistry with natural anatomy, in a simple comprehensive workflow. This workflow, tailored with excellence in clinical and technical education protocols developed by Master Paulo Kano and Livio Yoshinaga, brings a new age of patient-centric delivery of consistent and repeatable life changing smiles. 

Our main goal with this partnership is to build on each company’s experience to allow global market access for high-end aesthetic restorations with an automated workflow utilising all digital manufacturing for consistency and repeatability. Both companies are working together to bring new products to the market including a SKYN Models Kit, SKYN-Core3dcentres Digital Library and pre-made SKYN Temporaries... Future workflows on full mouth rehabilitation will encompass a comprehensive inter-disciplinary approach including orthognatics, orthodontics, periodontics and implants, integrating all levels of chairside and digital outsourcing.

 Both Core3dcentres and SKYN Corporation are very excited by this new strategic partnership as it offers a full solution for dentists by delivering a more predictable, higher aesthetics and fully functional oral rehabilitation for patients.

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