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Whether you are seeking a secure entry into digital dentistry, or expanding your business with more indications, 3Shape has a scanner and software combination for you. 3Shape’s solutions are modular, upgradable, and come in various packages to ensure easy matching to your current needs with room for future growth.

3Shape Software – Dental Designer Premium

Many call it “the most powerful CAD/CAM solution in the world”. Others prefer to speak of its efficient workflows, many tools, ease of use, and widest range of indications. No matter how you describe it, 3Shape’s Dental System™ continues to maintain its long-standing leadership as the world’s most innovative and sold lab system for dental CAD/CAM.

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3Shape Software – Model Builder™

Model Builder™ lets technicians design lab models for many indications, including implant models, directly from TRIOS® digital impression scans, 3rd party intraoral scans, and physical impression scans. In close collaboration with leading machine providers, 3Shape continuously optimises its Model Builder™ for a wide range of manufacturing machines.

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3Shape Software – Abutment Designer

The use of customised abutments is growing explosively, driven by better aesthetics, cost savings, and CAD/CAM technology advancements. Abutment Designer™ makes it easy to design the customised abutment as a natural extension of the crown. Simply model the anatomy first and create the abutment and emergence profile with smooth transitions and optimal aesthetics.

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Abutment Designer Product Sheet

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3Shape Software – Implant Bars and Bridges

Documented scan accuracy and flexible software tools allow technicians to design sophisticated implant bars and bridges with the utmost precision. 3Shape’s solution supports standard and free-form bar shapes for removable and fixed prosthesis, enables virtual design of gingiva and creation of any type of attachment.

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3Shape Software – Removable Partial Design

3Shape’s 3rd generation Removable Partial Design includes new and powerful tools for reliable creation of removable partials while reducing production time by 60-70%. The design workflow mimics the manual steps for Removable Partial design thereby ensuring intuitive and accurate digital control over a technique-demanding process. Design both metal and flexible frameworks.

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3Shape Software – Implant Studio

3Shape’s new Implant Studio™ solution brings together implant planning, prosthetics, and design of surgical guides for local manufacturing. Now dentists can get the complete treatment package and treat their patients in a single surgical operation.

3Shape Implant Studio™ provides a cost-efficient solution that improves turn-around time, helps to enhance clinical results, while creating new business opportunities for both dentists and labs.

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3Shape Implant Studio Product Sheet

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