titanium abutments

Titanium Abutment and Bars

Dramatically increase your lab’s productivity and profitability in the fast-growing implant marketplace with patient specific, digitally created and precision milled titanium abutments and screw retained bars from Core3dcentres®. Utilise our completely digital workflow or send us your standard models to scan - our open systems handle a wide variety of major implant systems.

Exceptionally strong yet light, their seamless, one-piece design eliminates any weakness that might have been caused by soldering or laser welded joints. Superstructures are fabricated without any of the stresses or distortions that might have occurred under the casting process. These bars exhibit ideal load transfer, and long-term stability. Returned to you surface finished according to prescription, ready to be built up in composite or resin.

View our Materials section to see what materials can be used for Abutments.


  • To replace missing teeth providing a natural looking emergence profile that ensures ideal soft tissue contours and abutment heights in the anterior or posterior region
  • Hybrid combines benefits of Titanium abutments (commonly used in all regions of the mouth due to their strength) and Zirconia abutments (best possible aesthetics); commonly used in the anterior and combined with all-ceramic or Zirconia restorations
  • Solution for incorrect angulation or implants placed too deep sub-gingivally
  • Creates Zirconia abutment option for implant systems where it doesn’t exist and/or for obsolete systems
  • Implant level or abutment interfaces
  • Removable prosthetics: locator, dolder, hader
  • Bars with anatomical shape in certain retentions: mixed (anatomical at the front), complex (completely anatomical)
  • All implant indications, and available for all common implant platforms
  • Implant overdentures and fixed-hybrid prostheses with 2–10 implants