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CELTRA DUO by DENTSPLY presents a new class of high-strength glass ceramic materials with zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate – ZLS. The outstanding chemical properties of ZLS provide a unique microstructure, allowing for exquisite Beauty, Strength and Speed. Like a graceful, yet powerful steed, CELTRA delivers exceptional performance, including optimised balance of translucency, fluorescence and opalescence, reduced crystal size which services to increase flexural strength, and a fine microstructure for processing speed efficiencies.

Conceptually, like triple-stranded DNA, CELTRA embodies unique properties, tied to its threefold functional zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate microstructure.


Increased glass content visibly improves translucency and facilitates in-depth opalescence and fluorescence.


10% dissolved zirconia reinforces the glass matrix without clouding it, and yields very high flexural strength properties.


The ultra-fine microstructure of the glass ceramic crystals (<1 um) allows for easy, fast processing of the ZLS material, which can be milled and finished in its final, crystallised, tooth-coloured state.

The fine microstructure of CELTRA allows for translucency while providing strength to the restoration.

ZLS flexural strength (370 MPa) exceeds that of Lithium Disilicate (360 MPa) and is achieved in significantly less time. Post-mill, the pre-crystallised, corrected shaded CELTRA DUO block undergoes a short glaze firing cycle.

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